CareerXP supports real-world learning experiences for youth.

Match students with employers for quality work-based learning opportunities with the Career Experience portal (CareerXP). CareerXP is an online platform that uses comprehensive data systems and analytics to simplify work-based learning by matching students and employers for internships and other work-based learning experiences. CareerXP can also implement the New World of Work 21st Century Skills Assessment and digital badges.   

CareerXP features include:


  • Make work-based learning requests, including guest speakers, work-site tours, informational interviews, and job shadows.

  • Make special requests to intermediary organizations for specific work-based learning requests such as a judge for a science project, or a participant in a career fair.

  • See all communication between employers and students, including messaging, internship/student job applications, internship/student job acceptance or denial, and student evaluations.

  • Implement New World of Work 21st Century Skills Assessment and digital badges.

for students

  • Apply for internships and student jobs.
  • Receive performance evaluations from employers.
  • Earn digital badges representing schools, pathways, and completion of work-based learning experiences.
  • Earn digital badges generated from the 21st Century Skills Curriculum.

For Intermediaries

  • Assist schools and employers in their work-based learning. 
  • Create a CareerXP employer profile on behalf of an employer.
  • Login on behalf of an employer and manage internship postings and work-based learning requests.
  • Assist with school or pathway "special requests."

For Employers

  • Post internships, student jobs, and offer work-based learning opportunities.
  • Accept, decline, or message schools or students requesting work-based learning experiences.
  • Offer student evaluations post-internship for performance feedback.